The purpose of SynchroMastery is to create a powerful context for living a practical spirituality in harmony with the natural flow of life.

Einstein told us that time is the fourth dimension, but gave us no idea about what this means practically, or how to access this dimension. The Maya at the peak of their civilisation told us that the Mayan Calendar is the map of four dimensional time. A track-to-run on that elevates our vibration and attunes us with greater timings, which are of course frequencies and vibrations.

Science tells us that the universe is energy with vibration. The Mayan Calendar purports to give us the markers allowing us to align with this vibration through daily focus and intent.

The Maya present 13 as the frequency of time, and 12, of space. According to José Argüelles, author of The Mayan Factor and Surfers of the Zuvuya amongst others, we have had a mechanical time imposed upon us by aligning the 365 days of a 13 moon year with the flat circle of 360 degrees, creating 12 months. This change, started in Babylon and formalised by the Vatican as the Gregorian calendar thousands of years later, squashed multidimensional time into physical and mechanical space. As our calendar is such a significant reference point and context for our daily lives, this has caused our experience of life to suffer greatly. Wanting to grow and evolve while hand in glove with mechanical time is like paddling agains the rapids.

One interpretation of the Mayan calendar is that it is a code and also natural timing device for the rhythm and flow of life throughout our Milky Way galaxy. If this is true, then surely knowing the code and tuning in to the daily flow will make your life that much more efficient and effective.

A law of ‘Be-ing’ and a law of ‘Do-ing’. 20 day glyphs, seals or universal laws of BEING and 13 tones, numbers or universal laws of DOING. Being and Doing, Alignment and Action, Self-development and Goal achievement, Transformation and Manifestation, Evolution and Creation.

# A huge goal of mine is to give you a a simple yet powerful track to allow you to align your fourth-dimensional or ‘higher-dimensional self, with the greater universal flow. Imagine the power of millions of us tuning in to the same two universal laws every single day.

I do this Two ways:

  • By providing three cards each day from my new life coaching card set: A ‘BE’, ‘DO’ and ‘HAVE’ card for each day. The HAVE cards define the life area for our results and experiences. They align with the seven day week, 4-week month and 13 month year of the 13 Moon Calendar.
  • By providing frequent updates on YouTube.

Both the 20 and the 13 are whole systems. The 20 aspects of Being, are a philosophical progression and blueprint, for personal evolution and transformation, 20 Steps that form the base of SynchroMastery Coaching. The 13 Steps are the foundation for a high frequency and powerful system of goal achievement. The two together are fully incorporated into a transformational, life coaching board game. These are tastes of just some of the many systems and products I have created to get you in touch with the grandest vision of the greatest version of who you really are, and can become.

Anton Kornblum


Anton is the Creator and founder of the SynchroMastery product range. He has 30 years experience running transformational and lifedesign workshops. Is an authority on the Mayan Code as a blueprint self development and goal achievement, and is an experienced NFSH trained healer applying Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sound Healing and his own healing system called Life Energy Tune-up!