Each new day this inspirational card set brings you the Mayan Calendar as the calendar of transformation ~ becoming your greatest self, and manifestation ~ creative and empowered goal achievement. The ‘BE’, ‘DO’ and ‘HAVE’ cards inform every aspect of who you are.

BE Cards – 20 days, 20 steps to becoming the greatest version of yourself, and 20 ‘BE’ power statements.

DO Cards – 13 Days, 13 steps to manifesting your goals and dreams, and 13 ‘DO’ power statements.

HAVE Cards – Cards – 28 days representing 7 different life areas, 4 aspects of each, in which your results and experiences show up.

The first cycle of 260 days carries two subcycles, one of 20 days and one of 13. The 20 days are represented here by the BE cards and the 13 By the DO cards. The second cycle is the 364+1 day cycle made up of 13 moons or months of 28 days each. These relate to the 28 Have cards. The cards are not random but are referenced daily by the forward progress of one day and night on all three subcycles. Each day’s three cards are designed to bring the calendar to life, make it super practical, fun, empowering and on the same wave as thousands of people around the world.

The card set started off as a tool for life coaches, psychologists and counsellors to make personal growth, healing and achievement as light and fun as possible. The card set does not yet exist in hard copy. This will be financed by crowd-funding, where your donation will secure you a set, when the box sets are ready. My intention is that they will be ready by Xmas 2021 at the very latest. Crowdfunding details will follow.

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Some people seem to always be in the right place, at the right time, for the right action. Why?

Synchronicity is the secret

When you flow with the currents of life, rather than fighting against them, life works! The Mayan Calendar is your synchronicity map for a fulfilled life. SynchroMastery presents this in a way that is fun, current, practical and transforms your life easily and organically.

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The Mayan Galactic Codes

Groundbreaking 3-part series by Anton Kornblum.


What people say about the Mayan Galactic Codes book series.

“Anton’s superb books capture the essence of Mayan wisdom in extraordinarily practical way. I recommend Anton’s books to all who wish to manifest their dreams and achieve their goals.”
Nestor Kornblum
Sound Healer
“Finally a book that unravels succinctly and expertly this complex calendrical system. Anton’s book set is pure genius offering a workable tool that allows us to emerge into the light and beyond our own process. A dazzling and positive tool for personal growth.”
Jacqueline Ann Blakeway
“These wonderful books are truly inspired and give meaning to the complex subject of Mayan cosmology.”
Kathleen Misson
NLP Master Practitioner